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Municipal information

Siilinjärvi is an active and growing municipality. At the end of 2012 there were 21 421 inhabitants. During that year the net population growth was 110 inhabitants. Population is younger than average with almost one of four inhabitants is under 15 years old. Population is also better educated than average.

Siilinjärvi and Kuopio form together a coherent and densely populated employment area with over 126 000 inhabitants. Siilinjärvi's biggest employers are in the chemical industry, aerospace and defence, health and leisure services, concrete and metal as well as services and tourism. The latest major working area is located in the neighbourhood of the Rissala Airport with nearly 100 hectares of area.

In Siilinjärvi feel at home specially families with children. There has been invested a lot in childcare, education, elderly care, health and leisure services. They are investments in the future.  We believe that the welfare services have an increasingly important role in the future for the business development and the success of the entire municipality.